Engine bay - nearly finished!

The engine bay is rapidly approaching a finished state, so it's time for a before and after shot. On the left is the engine bay pretty much as we pulled it out of the garage (the funnel was our addition!), still with the green ignition leads. Over the past (nearly) two years we've done a lot of work in it, as well as elsewhere on the car, having replaced wires, pipes, coil, plugs, points, filter, cylinders and loads of other parts.

The main visual difference has to be the removal of the black underseal / weatherproofing which covered most of the bay, but a bunch of other touch-ups have helped a lot - the main ones being painting the radiator and rocker, pedal and heater boxes.

However as different as it is, there's still more to do. Once the weather gets a bit warmer we'll take all the stuff off the engine block and touch up the bodywork where cables or pipes have rubbed the paintwork and paint the actual block too - I'm still deciding whether to go for the original-spec black or the older maroon colour - and rewrap the harness as it's suffered a bit over the years.