The MG has been sitting in my grandad's garage for about 17 years, so it actually looks in pretty good nick. The tyres are totally flat which is to be expected.

The B sat in my grandad's garage with cobwebs on the bumper, freshly removed cover lying on the ground
MG badge on the bumper, in need of some TLC
Looking a little dusty
Rear view of the B taken though the open double doors of the garage. Bright yellow paint makes for a good contrast with the surroundings.
Still looks good
The front number plate with a box of chisels sitting under the front bumper on a dusty floor
Front bumper
Flat front tyre covered in dust and cobwebs
Flat tyres
Taken through a side window the interior shows cloth seats and a black dashboard, both without any obvious marks or signs of age
Interior looks in great condition