Drive it dammit

With the B being off the road for most of the summer with one thing (pedal box refresh and welding) or another (oil line), I've not had much chance to get it out on the road.

So I've decided just to start a "drive it dammit" initiative, starting by taking it into work, maybe once a week until the weather turns nasty (not keen on doing more than that for now as the commute is a bit start/stop/queue and is better suited to may daily hack). Hopefully this will help the B run a bit better and show up any issues for me to fix over the winter ready for a full season next year.

Parking isn't too much of an issue I've found - I park in a pretty nice multi-storey in the city centre which was built for much wider cars, so the B sits easily into what might otherwise be a tight spot.

What has come in useful is the parcel shelf I bought a while back as it means I can leave stuff in the car without worrying about it being on show.

Roll on next week's foray!

Parcel shelf doing good work.