Wheelarch liners

Wanting to drive the car as much as possible also means driving in wet weather. To reduce the amount of damage this can do to the rather complex under-arch area at the front of the car I got hold of a pair of wheel-arch liners. These are made from partially-rigid plastic and cover the wheel arch from behind the headlamp bowls to the bottom of the splash panels and behind the lever arch dampers.

Fitting them is relatively straightforward, though the instructions say you should screw them to the inner wheel arch lip others suggested they fair just as well if secured low down in a couple of places and just rested on top of the lip. This seems to work just fine and the rubber seal supplied with the liners looks like it will keep debris out. As I also run mudguards these give a little extra security as the liners slot in behind these.

The plastic liner fixed in place behind the lever arch damper under the wheel arch
Liner in place under the front arch
The rear edge of the liner fixed in place behind the mud-guard
Liner fixed behind mud-guard
The liner edge with a rubber seal resting on the lip of the wheel arch
Liner edge resting on the wheel arch lip