Fuel tank sender

I wanted to have a look inside the fuel tank and check there wasn't any rust blocking up the sender filter which could be causing fuel starvation leading to the misfire issue.

The sender is secured to the tank with a collar which sits around the sender plate and is then rotated to slot under lugs around the opening on the tank face. This presses on a rubber seal to make it airtight. As the opening is about halfway down the tank I siphoned off as much fuel as I could before removing the wheel and raising that corner of the car to push the remaining fuel away from the opening.

The old collar was very tight and took a good amount of persuasion to remove but once off the tank looked absolutely clear with no rust showing anywhere. Similarly the sender and filter were also very clean, so I can rule this out as an issue.

View through a hole into a fuel tank showing gleaming metal sides reflecting the torchlight
Inside the fuel tank
The mechanism arm sitting in an oil catch pan
Sender mechanism
The very clean-looking plastic cylindrical gauze filter on the end of the sender arm
Sender filter
Exterior of the fuel tank side with a hole surrounded by a worn rubber seal and a metal ring with locating lugs
Showing old rubber seal and lugs
Shiny metal ring with lugs sitting on a mat alongside a matching new rubber sealing ring
New seal