Swiftune competition condenser

As part of the ongoing search for the cause of the misfire I wanted to rule out the condenser. Although the condenser had been replace a couple of times while checking various things out I wanted to be able to rule it out as a cause, especially with the issue being so intermittent. One way to do this and to allow a fallback in case a condenser went bad in the future was to add an external condenser. Swiftune manufacture such a thing for racing series and this was an ideal option as whilst a little pricey it is a quality item unlike many of the internal condensers on the market.

It is mounted outside the distributor to aid with cooling and due to the size. I mounted it beside the coil where it can be easily hooked up to the coil in seconds if needed. Testing proved that the condenser was not the issue, so whilst I now have the added security of a backup I'm not closer to a solution to the misfire.

A small cylinder attached to the inner wing next to the coil, with wires coming out of each end
In place next to the coil
The cylindrical condenser in a plastic bag sitting on top of a sheet of instructions
Package with instructions