Boot floor struts

I'd fitted these early in the year but forgot to add photos. The rear deck is a fairly heavy bit of wood with no means of keeping it open except a makeshift prop. Invariably the prop is then in the way of what you want to do under the floor and you end up holding it up with your head.

Whilst I'm not really a fan of hydraulic struts for the bonnet (though I can see the attraction in better access, the look feels to modern to my eyes) here they aren't really ever seen. I found a small kit on ebay which gave measurements for fitting for this use and whilst a little fiddly they do a good job of holding the floor up.

The interior of the boot with the floor raised showing the two struts
Easy-lift boot floor
A strut attached to the underneath of the boot floor at the back and to the metal side of the boot
Strut placement