Distributor overhaul

I've been running a new distributor in the B for a while but am keen to get the original one back in. You can what year it s from the engraving on the side; mine says 2379 which is the 23rd week of 1979.

To make sure it was running as well as possible with no slop in the springs, I had been thinking of sending it off to the Distributor Doctor for a while for a complete run through including new springs and seals, full calibration as well as a good clean. This service also includes a curve graph which can help with timing the engine.

I'm glad I took photos of the distibutor before I sent it off as when it came back the difference was stark and I had to double-check the year code to make sure it was the same one.

A very clean dizzy, apparently the body was silver under all that dirt, and the vaccuum unit has been plated in a gold colour
The distributor on return
 A rather grubby looking dizzy, everything being a shade of grey
The distributor before it was sent off
Numbers engraved on the side of the distributor body
The location of the date code on the side of the distributor
A line chart with two lines marking degrees and advance
The curve chart