Commuter run

I've always wondered what it'd be like using the B for the commute. Today commuting was a lot more fun than normal!

My commute is 32 miles or so each way, mainly dual carriageways but the last few miles tend to get very busy and there's often a fair amount of queues as you approach the city centre. In all it normally takes a little under an hour door-to-door.

After a little lumpy running as the B objected to the early morning start the commute run went smoothly and it was soon tucked up at the multi-storey - one good thing about the B is that parking is simple thanks to its narrow body!

This isn't going to be a regular thing - the B isn't as economic with fuel as my daily driver and my insurance is mileage limited at the moment, so I'm saving those miles for other trips - but it proves it can be done without any dramas.

Couple of things I think I'd add if I was going to use it for regular commuting - some new speakers. The ones fitted don't have quite enough clarity to be heard properly while cruising at 70mph. The other thing is a battery cut-off switch, just to make me feel a bit better when leaving it all day in a multi-storey.

Making commuting a little more fun