Across the Pennines

This trip would test out a few things. It would be the furthest trip the car had taken since we'd put it back on the road; being done on the wettest weekend in Cumbria for about 1000 years it would also give all the seals a good test.

The route was 150 miles from Cleveland to Lancashire across the Pennines and then back again, along A-roads, B-roads and motorways taking in some lovely scenery along the way. I took it relatively easily on the way there, keeping to around 60-65mph pretty much the whole way. On the way back I kept pace with most other traffic at a steady 70mph, and it coped very well with the steep banks encountered along the way. Knowing it was going to get a bit wet I'd coated all the glass with RainX which did a great job of keeping the windows - especially the rear - free of rain.

The very good news is that it never missed a beat the whole way, didn't lose any oil or brake/clutch fluid and none of the seals leaked. In all it used a little under a full tank of Shell V-Power and using that fuel seems to have cleared any run-on issues.