Stopping squealing brakes

Brake squeal is bloody horrible. You can make people look around for an HGV whilst driving the tiniest car as you approach traffic lights or junctions. The B's brakes had got progressively worse after the backing strips I'd used previously had failed.

The squeal is caused by the vibration of the brake disc components on the front wheels (the back being drums don't have this problem). I thought rather than using the backing pads which have a relatively short lifespan and are awkward to put in place, I'd try some anti-squeal paste I'd picked up.

This paste is very sticky and bright blue so it's a good idea to wear gloves when applying. I added some just to the back and top of the pads initially but this didn't cut it, so I then added it to the spring clips and pins too. This is what seems to have sorted out the squeal, at least for now.

A brake caliper with bright blue paste visible around the locking pin
Caliper assembly with the paste applied to the springs and pins
A tube of paste
The paste - LiquiMoly Anti-Squeal Paste
A H-shaped spring clip with blue paste all over it
Paste applied to the clips where they contact the pads