Removing the wing mirror

The driver-side wing mirror has always been a touch loose - you can even see the string we secured it with when we were collecting the car as we were worried it'd fall off!

Since then we'd made it more stable by adding padding underneath the chrome plinth, but I'm about to repaint the top of the driver's door so I'll remove it and fix the base.

You can see from the photos how the mirrors are secured. The plastic base has integral rawlplugs into which two screws hold a metal plate. This plate has raised ends, the mirror then clips over one of these ends and a screw goes through the mirror base under the other end to fix it all in place.

On my mirror, one of the base rawlplugs has cracked, allowing the screw to become loose. This meant that the screw holing the chrome to the base then just starts pulling out that screw as pressure is applied.

Of course, the mirror screw head was totally perished, so that had to be drilled. A replacement plastic base should sort out the other issues. Once I've repainted the door this can all go back on.

The mirror in its component parts
The mirror holes in the door
The plastic mount and metal clip