The rostyles have been looking a bit sorry for themselves. While the spray-can job I did a few years back was fine, I omitted to treat the rust I couldn't remove (duh!), so now that has come back to bite me.

Rather than buy a stack of cans and spend a few days stripping and spraying each wheel I decided to get them done properly. So I sought out a local company which would take the wheels, give them a blast to clear off the old paint and rust, then powdercoat them. Romax in Stockton did this in a day, and I think even they were surprised how well they came out! I chose to get them done in silver, so I could paint in the black myself, but for now I'm happy with just having the plain wheels and think I'll live with them like this for a while.

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  1. Paul U said on 14 Jul 2014:

    Looking good. How much were you charged? Did you have to remove the tyres.
  2. Adam said on 31 Jul 2014:

    Hi Paul, it was around £200 and was done in a day. The shop removed and put the tyres back on afterwards. They would have balanced them too but didn't have the necessary adapter to balance them on the nuts.
  3. Lasse said on 23 Sept 2014:

    Looking very good. I have two sets or Rostyles for my Inca Yellow MGB-78 Roadster. I planning to powdercoat one of them in black. The other set is silver/black with crome trims. By the way, I like this web site!