Runoff gutter repair

The bodywork at the corner of the windscreen had suffered over the years a little and had finally succumbed to the water runoff from the windscreen and roof. A small rust hole had appeared, so a little repair job was required.

I sanded back the rust to bare metal, revealing a slightly larger hole. A section of reinforcing mesh was applied from underneath the dashboard and a two-part epoxy bodywork filler used to fill the hole. Once that had hardened off and sanded down I gave it a coat of primer followed by a few coats of Inca Yellow paint.

For anyone else who's after this particular colour, I'd advise to go for the Halfords own brand rattle can. I'd bought a rattle can and a touch-up paint from the MGOC, however these were both poor matches. The rattle can had far too much of a green tinge to it and the touch up was both too yellow and far too thick - as to prevent it being applied smoothly. Luckily one of the fine chaps on the Club forum had said Halfords own brand was a perfect match (after another member had complained about the match from a Moss rattle can). While you are never going to get a 100% match due to 30 years of sunlight fading the paint, the Halfords colour is as near as you can get from an off-the-shelf product. I'll be using this can along with a small brush to tackle the small touch-ups required on the rest of the car.

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  1. mike said on 13 Aug 2009:

    Hi I would agree about halfords own inca yellow, paint code fab. My 78 spit had some work done on the rear end some years ago and the the newer paint looked a bit lighter than the doors and body / bonnet however a can from the club was not a bad match to the very old paint when i touched up the sills, which was darker. However the halfords cans do nearly match the rear end so i am going to use then from front to back to brighten it up, All i can think is that some cans may have been matched to an old paint on the car and not to the original spec. If thats true then the oiants faded darker with age !! regards, Mike
  2. keith bloxham said on 11 Apr 2010:

    I tried to get a INCA YELLOW rattle can from Halfords but they said they cant supply as it needs lead to get the colour. keith
  3. Adam said on 11 Apr 2010:

    Keith, That's really strange, it's on their website - product code 452292. Maybe you got a duff employee?
  4. Lasse said on 23 Sept 2014:

    Unfortunately they do not deliver to Sweden. Have you tried the Inca Yellow color from MGOC Spares or from Moss?