Restoring the Rostyle wheels

All the Rostyle wheels, even the spare, are suffering from surface rust. Following some very good instructions I had a go at restoring the spare wheel to a just-off-the-factory-floor look.

I've got a couple of hints when doing this. The first is take your time to mask off the tyre (if it's still attached) as it will save time trying to wipe silver paint off later. A good trick is to slightly deflate the tyre to allow you to get masking tape/newspaper under the rim for a good seal.

The second tip is to get hold of a plastic wheel mask from Moss. This costs about £12, but is well worth it for the time it will save you with tricky masking and the clean lines it will produce, plus it's re-usable. If doing the job with the tyre on you'll need to drill a hole for the valve to pop though, but that doesn't take more than a couple of seconds - make the hole quite a bit bigger than the valve to let you adjust the fit of the mask. I added a few bits of masking tape doubled over between the mask and wheel to ensure a close fit in the 'spoke' areas.

Follow the link for the full walkthrough, but in essence you do this:

  1. Wire brush / wet-and-dry off any rust from the surface of the wheel. In my case this also meant getting rid of some previous restoration work.
  1. Mask off the tyre and prime the wheel for a good adherence for the next layer.
  1. Coat the wheel with a few coats of silver wheel paint.
  1. Add a couple of coats of clearcoat to seal the silver and give it a shiny look.
  1. Place the plastic mask over the wheel and give it a couple of coats of black wheel paint. make sure you get the vertical bits of black near the centre of the wheel.

In all I'm very happy with the result. I got a little bit of silver on the tyre, but that's why I started on the spare! With new wheel nuts and centre badges they will look like new.

Update: With new tyres on and the practice gained from the spare, the results were really good.

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  1. Billy Emerson said on 26 Apr 2009:

    If you deflate the tyre first you can get the masking tape tight under the rim to get a nice finish without overspray on the tyre. :)
  2. Adam said on 26 Apr 2009:

    Absolutely right Billy. This was my first wheel and you can see the overspray which resulted from being too quick with the masking and not realising how easy spray paint gets under stuff. I've just finished my last one and the results are so much better - no paint on the tyre at all. The best thing I found was to get short lengths of masking tape under the rim as you say - tape is easier to push under the rim than paper. Then mask off the rest of the wheel with newspaper. I also found it worthwhile to apply pressure to the top of the Moss mask when spraying to avoid the black creeping under it.
  3. Capt Shanti Goonewardene said on 8 Apr 2010:

    Iam in the process of restoring a 1971 Ford Capri Mk-1 saloon which I purchased in Liverpool while being employed with a British Shipping Company. The car was shipped back home to Sri Lanka in 1974 when I left Britain and was used at home. The vehicle was fitted with Rostyle steel alloys size 5J x 13. Since I go out to sea for long periods the vehicle was not used very much and was virtually neglected for the past six years as I now have a Peugeot 406. However early this year I commenced restoring the Capri and was looking for a set of Rostyle rims without any sucess. I tried Tickover & Speedshack in the UK and also Motomobil in Munich but alas the rims were not available. However much to my surprise and delight I came across a set of Rostyle Rims 5J x 13 fitted to a Capri which was in a vehicle graveyard in the outskirts of Colombo. The rims were in excellent condition with the makers name stamped and clearly visible. The rims were taken to a Marine workshop and grit blasted and two coats of Marine underwater Primer was sprayed. Iam now in the process of masking the Black quadrants and restoring the wheels having received some guidance via the Internet. Rgds / Captain Shanti.F.Goonewardene Colombo/Sri Lanka.
  4. donna coda said on 22 Dec 2010:

    I need one 14in rostyle used on 1974 mgb
  5. barry Davies said on 25 Jun 2011:

    Another good idea is to place a thin layer of white grease around the edge of the tyre then mask it this will allow any overspray to be quickly wiped off when the paint has dried.
  6. Chris Shirley said on 16 Feb 2012:

    After looking at many ideas and trying out some of them on one wheel I came to the conclusion that the best method was:- 1. When the wheel is completely clean spray it alloy silver and allow to dry 2. With masking tape spend 20 minutes per wheel and mask around the area to be spray black. Just take your time. The better the mask, better the overall finish. 3. Buy a mask from Moss or other outlets. I used this to stop any over spray on the wheel and partly protect the masking area 4. Spray your wheel with three coats of black and allow to dry. 5. Soak your wheel in water and this will allow the masking tape tp peel off better 6. With a blade you can gently trim any black over spray from the silver 7. Apply lacquer two to three coats
  7. Robert said on 25 Apr 2013:

    What kind of paints did you use? Brands and such would be nice.
  8. Adam said on 27 Apr 2013:

    Hi Robert, paints were nothing special, just the normal spray cans you get at your local motor factors. However, I will be having to re-do them this year as whilst the black is still looking really good, the silver has corrosion coming through. So I'll be flatting them back and coating with a rust killer (I've got some Eastwood Rust Encapsulator) and then Chassis Black which will protect the wheel before I put the silver over the top.
  9. manny warren said on 11 Jul 2013:

    always sand away the paint on the recess that mates with the nut, or else the paint will compress and you WILL loos wheel nuts.
  10. Manny Warren said on 11 Jul 2013:

    Also, I advise haveing the tyre taken off and doing it properly, I am busy with a genuine set of Guestpro rostyles at the moment and there is significant corrosion and pitting in the tyre area, that cleans off quite nicely with a bit of patience. Its so wort the few bucks to get the tyre rebalanced nad fitted.