Clutch slave cylinder

We'd decided that the master and slave clutch cylinders could do with replacing as the seals were very likely gone on both. The slave cylinder was first to come off.

This is the slave cylinder off, but without the piston. It was pretty easy to unbolt from the chassis, but the hose was totally seized to it and took a couple of days' treatment with WD40 and final pipe-wrench assistance to free.

The top of the hose was tricky too as it was right next to the new brake lines and with the engine in place the steel clutch line connection was tough to get access to. In the end it turned out the line was totally rusted to the connecting bolt and sheared through under pressure.

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  1. Johnnie L. Lewis said on 29 Jan 2010:

    I'm having the same problem with the pipe. I was told that it's probably because I'm turning it the wrong way; some older piping goes the opposite of the traditional "righty tighty, lefty loosey." Do you recall if I should be turning it clockwise to remove it?
  2. Adam said on 29 Jan 2010:

    Johnnie - I'm 99% sure it was a standard thread and I can't imagine MG changing basic stuff like that during the life of the car. It was just really tough to get it moving, but the pipe wrench eventually shifted it. Of course tightening it a touch might actually break the seal and help free it. At times I did wonder if it was ever going to come loose but persevere - it won't be the last seized bolt on the car!
  3. Rich said on 6 Sept 2010:

    How did you get the top bolt off from the slave? I am having one heck of a time getting that off. I replaced the Master and have the slave hanging from the hose, unattached from the engine.
  4. Adam said on 6 Sept 2010:

    Hi Rich, do you mean the bolt which attaches the slave hose to the hard line? The problem is the starter motor is in the way. I jammed a screwdriver in the top nut which let me loosen off the bottom one (the nuts are either side of a bracket).